Natural and packaged fruit juices

Is it better to opt for natural fruit juices that for packaged ? Are they equally healthy? packaged juices than the natives?

With the help of many vitamins , among which we can highlight the TO , C Y AND , our body fights free radicals, which as you well know (and we have already treated in previous days), are generally highly reactive and unstable oxygen atoms.

Among other aspects, Strawberry , he Kiwi , the citrus or even the green leafy vegetables (with him Green Tea and the White tea , for example) top that list of antioxidants that help us fight against the aforementioned free radicals.

If we have the opportunity to prepare them, the best option for natural juices become effective is to consume them freshly made, given that for example vitamin C loses some of its most important properties when coming into contact with oxygen.

Of course, if we are making a hypocaloric diet With the aim of losing weight, it is better to eat whole fruits, since when squeezing them to prepare the juice they decrease the percentage of fiber, and while they provide the same calories, they preserve this fiber content intact, and are better at providing a sensation of satiety and improve intestinal functioning.

Natural and packaged juices

When the juices are packaged

In many supermarkets, hypermarkets and specialized shopping centers we can find dozens of brands specialized in the preparation of packaged juices .

They are still natural, of course, but they are not equal to natural juices what we do at home, especially because many of its properties and nutrients during the pasteurization process stay on the road.

And another issue to consider: while natural juices provide both minerals and vitamins, packaged juices provide sugars and calories.

Obviously, we are not saying with this that the packaged juices are bad, much less worse, but if we can choose to prepare ourselves the juices with fresh fruits, we will get to drink health and, above all, many vitamins.

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