Myths about the egg

It is usual that, for certain foods or food products, they are always surrounded Myths Y wrong beliefs several that, in one way or another, negatively influences the concept that many people have of them.

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One of the most common are myths about chocolate , just like Myths about milk . But the truth is that if there is a food on which there have always been many beliefs, that is the egg .

The reality is there are many properties of the egg , that completely provides us with this nutritious food. While, separately, there are also quite a few properties of egg white . On the one hand, it is a food highly rich in proteins of greater biological value, vitamins and minerals.

Not in vain, unlike what can be thought, it is a useful food to reduce the risk of the onset of cardiovascular diseases and the progression of degenerative diseases, such as diabetes, cataracts or cancer. In addition, thanks to its content in choline, it is a good food for the proper functioning of the nervous system.

Myths about the egg

Eggs provide a lot of cholesterol

We already analyzed this question in detail in a previous note to which we answered the following question: Does the egg increase cholesterol? .

Possibly this belief comes from the cholesterol content of an egg of medium size: its quantity ranges from 215 to 220 milligrams of cholesterol.

However, we must not forget its content in lecithin , which ultimately intervenes in its absorption, so that this cholesterol finally has little effect on the final levels of blood cholesterol.

The eggs get fat

Although 100 grams of eggs contribute around 150 calories, the truth is that a medium egg that weighs about 60 grams provides only about 85 calories .

Most of these calories come from your yolk. Hence, in overweight and obese people, it is advisable to consume only the clear, which provides only 16 calories.

However, we should never underestimate the important nutritional value of the yolk, so in a balance diet , the best is to consume it whole.

Let's not forget something also fundamental: the way of cooking the egg in turn influences its final caloric content. The best? Eat it cooked or boiled.

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