Most Spaniards have breakfast, according to a study carried out by Zespri

Did you know that Spanish people tend to eat breakfast every morning, but in reality Do not spend more than 10 minutes of time ? Bearing in mind that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you do not really spend a lot of time. This is what emerges from the I Sociological Study on Vitality and Nutrition in Spain carried out by Zespri , The number one kiwifruit producer in New Zealand and precisely one of the brands that produce kiwis better known by the Spaniards.

Thanks to the realization / publication of this study we have been able to know that The typical Spanish breakfast is composed mainly of coffee (60%), milk (55%) and toasts (50%), followed to a lesser extent by fruit juice (29%) and the cereals (26%). In fact, Only 18% of Spaniards eat fruit at breakfast , Becoming therefore the great absentee in the table of the Spaniards in the first hours of the day. However, as the age of the respondents decreases, they consume more cereals, with coffee the opposite occurs: the percentages of those who say they have breakfast at breakfast increase when they are older.

More and more Spaniards are eating kiwis

Usually Men tend to devote less time to breakfast than women . Among other things, men say they do not eat breakfast or if they do, it takes 5 minutes or less, while women usually take 10 to 15 minutes. On the other hand, The vast majority of people surveyed say that breakfast affects their vitality , So that when they do not eat breakfast correctly they feel more tired or in a worse mood.

Foods rich in vitamin C very present in the food of the Spanish

As is clear from this study Foods high in vitamin C , As is the case of the kiwi, Have an important position in the food of the Spaniards . In this regard, 87% of people surveyed include foods rich in this vitamin in their diet at least once a week, while 39% claim to consume them daily.


We must also emphasize that 46% of respondents say they feel more vital When consuming foods rich in vitamin C. Moreover, 80% of the Spanish who participated in the study claim to consume kiwis .

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