Miracle diets: the danger of miracle diets

Unfortunately they are everywhere: sites that publish subsistence allowance which they insure lose between 3, 4 and 5 kilos a week . They are the so-called diets miracle , and far from helping lose weight , can seriously affect the health of the people who follow them.


What is a miracle diet?

It tends to be called miracle diet to that diet that, always supposedly, ensures the loss of between 3 to 4 kilos (or even more) per week.

They are characterized because they always tend to be related to the name of a particular food (carrot diet, artichoke diet, ice cream diet ...), and most of the time they are based on hypocaloric diets that, better than taking into account the health of people, they have a very serious impact on them, especially if they are extended over time.

Why miracle diets can be dangerous?

In a certain sense, miracle diets They can become dangerous or very dangerous for the health of the people who follow them because they lead to important imbalances in the body.

Not in vain, those are much more dangerous those, to the low caloric contribution, a certain imbalance in the distribution of macronutrients and a very low contribution of vitamins and minerals is added to him.

They tend to produce organic imbalances produced by the intake of food in the wrong quantity and quality, and in most cases you lose weight not because you lose fat, but because you "lose weight" at the rate of losing fluids, body proteins , electrolytes and glycocene reserves.

This is because the reduction or reduction in the contribution of calories can not be done from one day to another, drastically, and it must be taken into account that the diet that does not exceed 1,200 calories, should be accompanied by vitamin supplements. and minerals.

In addition, they have the special peculiarity that, when they are finished, the people who have followed these diets gain even more kilos than those who have lost (phenomenon known as " yo-yo effect ").

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