Minerals beneficial for bones

minerals bones When it's time to enjoy strong bones It's fundamental follow a healthy and balanced diet , since in this way we will ensure that our body receives the amount of essential nutrients that it needs every day to function correctly.

In the case of both joints as of the bones A fundamental adequate consumption of vitamins and minerals , given that many of these nutrients -considered as essential precisely because they participate in important functions- participate in the construction of bones and cartilages , besides that others help in the reduction of joint inflammation .

In the case of minerals, for example, nutrients such as calcium or phosphorus, although there are other minerals that, although less known for these basic functions, are also prominent.


It is a mineral that is part of the bone structure, providing us with strong bones and teeth. In addition to these main functions, it also transmits nerve impulses inside cells and is required for proper coagulation.

Of course, calcium needs vitamin D for its correct absorption.


It is a mineral that becomes a structural component of both bone and teeth, while being part of cell membranes such as phospholipids (essential for our brain).


It is an essential mineral for growth, forming part of the bone structure. In addition, it helps in the production of anti-inflammatory substances and in the fixation of calcium.


It is a mineral that, like the minerals indicated in the previous lines, is part of the bones, as well as teeth and ligaments. In fact, it is useful because it helps strengthen bones and ligaments, and fix calcium to teeth and bones.


It is a mineral with antioxidant benefits that participates in the synthesis of collagen.


It is a fundamental mineral when intervening in the health of bones. In addition to being important to maintain the density of the bones.

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