Milk casein

Although the milk It is an extremely healthy drink and recommended within a balanced diet, especially for its different qualities and nutritional properties, it is still a beverage that in intolerant or allergic people can cause problems and discomfort to their health.

Milk casein

This is the case, for example, of the so-called lactose intolerance , that is the sugar of the milk and that in people intolerant with lactase deficit causes gases and acids because the lactose passes to the large intestine without decomposing, where it begins to ferment.

It is true that it is a common disorder, which ultimately has become one of the best known, due to the large number of people who are intolerant to milk sugar.

However, there are others problems derived from milk consumption few known, as occurs with the so-called casein .

What is casein?

Casein is the protein component of milk , which ultimately comprises most of the proteins in milk, constituting approximately 80%, while the remaining 20% ​​is serum.

The casein It is a substance of rough texture and quite expected, which although not harmful to health, is used even industrially in the manufacture of wood glues.

Differences between cow's milk and breast milk

Breast milk also has casein, but in a smaller amount than cow's milk. In fact, Cow's milk contains more than 250% of casein than human milk .

Problems caused by milk casein

When the milk is digested the different secondary products as a consequence of the Bacterial decomposition of casein cause the appearance of a thick mucus , sticky and quite dense that sticks to the mucous membranes.

This mucus seals the respiratory system of the organism, so that it does not function with fluidity, which is related to diseases such as asthma , the rhinitis and the sinusitis .

And to what is this accumulation of mucus due? This accumulation is caused by the lack of digestive mechanisms in the body useful to break down casein correctly .

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