Migraines in summer: why they are more frequent and how to prevent them

Maybe people who suffer from migraines or have a family member or friend affected by this neurological disease common will have noticed how in summer, migraines are more frequent . But before discovering more about its causes, or what is the same why they tend to be more common during the hottest months of the year, it is interesting to know what they are and what they are.

As you surely know, the migraine is a recurrent headache , which means that it is repeated regularly and reappears at any time. In general, it is characterized as being a pulsating and intense pain , which affects mostly on one side of the head (although it is also common to affect both sides). This pain arises suddenly, and may or may not be preceded -or accompanied- by ​​neurological, visual or gastrointestinal symptoms.

Migraines in summer

Regarding its causes, although it is true that those that trigger them are difficult to identify, inheritance, age, sex (in women is more common after puberty, due especially to hormonal changes), stress may influence and anxiety, lack or excess of sleep, changes that occur in the hormones (seasonal, especially during the months of autumn and spring), as well as the ingestion of alcohol and the diet that we follow.

We can also mention as main causes certain environmental factors, such as time or temperature changes. In this last condition has much to do summer , as during the summer the incidence of migraine increases alarmingly . But why?.

What are the causes why in summer there are more migraines?

There are several triggers that, during the summer months, influence migraines to intensify. One of the main reasons is found in the increase in temperatures, since the heat dilates the arteries , so the risk that migraine appears increases considerably.

Avoid migraines in summer

The reasons why migraines increase in summer are the following:

  • The heat: the increase of the temperatures and the abrupt changes of temperature make that the people sensitive to these changes accuse the appearance of the migraines with more frequency and with more intensity.
  • In summer there are more hours of light , we go to bed later and rest less.
  • When we expose ourselves too much time in the sun and without wearing a cap to protect the head from the sun, migraines are likely to appear.
  • The changes in atmospheric pressure and the temperature changes They also increase the incidence of migraines. In the case of temperature changes we must take into account the influence of air conditioning and the intake of very cold food or drinks.

Some useful tips to prevent migraines in summer

Although migraines, when it tends to be a chronic disorder, are not easy to avoid if possible prevent them from appearing in summer , so everything diminish both its incidence and the pain they cause.

For example, in summer it is advisable avoid very cold foods and drinks . Although we have a tremendous desire to freshen opting for this type of cold drinks, it is more advisable that they are not so refrigerated, because it will increase the incidence of migraines considerably.

Cold drinks and migraines

We can also protect ourselves from the heat, avoiding sunbathing during the most dangerous hours of the day, when the ultraviolet rays strike more directly on us: between 12 and 16 hours. And as, protect us using hats and hats , and shelter in the shade so that the sun does not fall so directly.


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