Sweats in menopause

sweat-menopause When the menopause it arrives, it is totally normal, habitual and common that a series of determined symptoms appear in the woman (you can know more about the different symptoms of menopause ), typical of this new stage of life.

In this sense, one of the most characteristic symptoms or disorders are those called hot flushes (know more about female hot flashes ), and, with them, the appearance of the typical sweats in menopause .

Treatment for sweating in menopause

One of the treatments fundamental against sweat in menopause (and, above all, against the different disorders that appear during this stage), is to administer hormones that help compensate for the deficit of those secreted by the ovaries (know more about the ovarian pain ).

However, given that prolonged treatments can cause complications, only the administration of hormones is advised when the discomfort is intense. Of course, in any case, the treatment should always be indicated by the doctor.

How to prevent the sweats of menopause?

For prevent the sweats of menopause , it is essential that the woman live a quiet life, and practice even some relaxation.

In this sense, and to avoid its appearance, the ideal is to breathe slowly and deeply for a long time.

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