Melisa: properties and benefits

They say that just by smelling it, the balm he is able to relax Y temper the tempers . If in any occasion you have taken an infusion of lemon balm, surely you will have noticed before the intense lemony aroma emanating from its leaves when rubbed.

Properties melisa

The Arab doctor Avicenna he claimed that he had the power - and the virtue - of brighten the spirit and eliminate sadness . Some time later, specifically in medieval times, lemon balm used to be included in some magic formulas which, among other aspects, were attributed to the gift of lengthening youth .

For many centuries, specifically, it is believed, since the seventeenth century, the Discalced Carmelites made a potion that was believed miraculous with this plant, which was called Agua del Carmen .

Not in vain, is the famous liquor that we know today, and that ultimately, many women used to drink as a medicine although, in reality, it was not.

Since then, melissa has been constituted as an excellent natural remedy to rebalance the nervous system , overcome irritability and anguish, and calm the anxiety and the nerves.

Benefits of melissa

  • It is useful for combat nervous states being both slightly hypnotic and sedative, especially in case of specific anxiety attacks, hyperactivity, irritability, or sleep disturbances.
  • When migraines are produced by a cluster of nerves, melissa is able to alleviate them.
  • Help control blood pressure , also reducing nerve palpitations.

But in addition to the benefits that this plant has on anxiety and nerves, there are very few who know another long list of important properties, since they are largely unknown to a general public.


We show you below some of these most important benefits:

  • You may be able to decrease both cervical and lumbar pain , and even relieve the pains associated with menstruation, helping in its regulation.
  • If we have a heavy or difficult digestion , the melissa eliminates nausea and the feeling of dizziness, being digestive and anticarminativa, thus favoring the assimilation of food, preventing the formation of gas and bad breath.
  • Is slightly atrisgent , so it can be good to stop occasional diarrhea.
  • In cases of fever or respiratory diseases , is antiseptic and antiviral , helping for example to lower the fever.

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