Medicinal plants: benefits and properties

medicinal plants-benefits The medicinal plants they are one of the totally homemade and natural remedies that brings more benefits and properties to the organism, mainly for the treatment and relief of different diseases, disorders or discomforts.

Not in vain, known is -for example- the so-called Grandma's apothecary , mainly because from very old the great cultural acquaintance and popular knowledge in what to the use of medicinal plants it refers, it is certainly broad and known.

Therefore, it is useful to know which are the most important benefits of medicinal plants , as well as their properties equally outstanding.

Benefits and properties of medicinal plants

  • Anti-inflammatory
    They help to relieve both internal inflammations (which are those that suffer from various organs, such as the liver or kidneys), and external (when they affect the skin or muscle). This benefit happens because they alleviate the ailment while eliminating its origin.
  • Anti-thermal
    They help to lower the temperature, which is why they are interesting for those diseases that cause fever, a positive reaction that in fact contributes to the body's defense against infectious processes.
  • Astringent
    They produce a contraction of the organic tissues while exerting an exciting tonic action on the vital properties. They are useful, for example, when it comes to fighting diarrhea.
  • Carminatives
    They help to facilitate the expulsion of gases and flatulence, which mainly occur as a result of poor digestion (or heavy digestion).
  • Diuretics
    Increase urine secretions, helping to eliminate toxins, and ideals against fluid retention . For this reason, they can not be absent in cases of high creatinine , or in weight loss diets.
  • Sweaty
    They have almost the same function as diuretics, with the difference that they cause an increase in sweat.
  • Stimulants
    They help to combat the effects of fatigue, always improving our general condition in a timely manner.
  • Expectorants
    They help to facilitate, as their own name indicates, the expectorations, so they are ideal when it comes to eliminating bronchial mucus as a result of an infectious process that develops in the respiratory system.
  • Tranquilizers
    They are ideal for relaxing and calming the body and mind, helping to relax the nervous system when it is disturbed due to arousal.
  • Laxatives
    They favor the evacuation of the intestines, being ideal, for example, in cases of constipation .

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