Massage the feet

massage-feet Some experts recommend massage the feet once a day, especially when we have arrived home and we are ready to rest after a day of stress and anxiety, in which we have worked, studied, and done a series of tasks that have finally ended up exhausting us.

As we know, the feet They have many nerve endings that make us feel a sense of well-being, relaxation and personal enjoyment in practically the whole body. And that just by touching them gently.

Know how massage the feet and when is the ideal time to do it, it can be very useful. Especially to rest much better.

Massage the feet

Before starting to perform the massage, it is best to opt for a good oil, so that it is easier and more comfortable to practice. Sweet almond oil or coconut oil are ideal in this regard.

To practice it, you must slide your hands along the foot from the fingers to the ankle, until you feel that they have relaxed.

With one hand, move one of the feet in soft circles, repeating the same with the other foot.

Now, with your thumb try to press the sole of the foot, gently and slowly, repeating the process until, finally, you have touched the whole plant.

Massage each of the toes again, rotating each finger in both directions and extending them gently.

Press now with the middle and index fingers the area of ​​the ankle, always with circular movements.

To finish the massage, try to caress and massage your whole foot now as a whole, and try to take several deep breaths.

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