Mangosteen: benefits and properties

benefits mangostan Probably that its name does not sound to you, although it is certain that we are before one of the exotic fruits most appreciated for its flavor, and also one of the most sought after.

Is called mangosteen (being also known by the names of mangosteen, mangosto and mangosteen ), and is characterized by being a fruit of the Gutiferous, a family of tropical trees originating above all in America and Asia.

It is a fruit that, unlike other foods, ripens all year round so that we can enjoy it practically at any time. The bad? Its price, which is very high (hence it is very difficult to find it in markets and ordinary greengrocers).

Regarding the characteristics and appearance of the mangosteen, it is an exotic fruit with a spherical shape, red and purple when ripe, and when it is still green it is yellowish.

As we said at the beginning, the mangosteen is a very appreciated fruit and coveted for its flavor, being very sweet and mellow.

Benefits of mangosteen

From a nutritional point of view, the mangosteen fruit is especially rich in different essential nutrients, so that its consumption is adequate in healthy and balanced diets.

For example, many nutritionists advise their use in young people, children, adults and athletes. In addition, both pregnant and lactating women can benefit from their properties, since their consumption is not contraindicated during these stages.

Among its contribution in minerals, it stands out above all for its very high content in potassium , while it contributes few amounts of sodium, so that its consumption is recommended in people with hypertension.

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