Maintenance of lost weight

If at any time you have followed a slimming diet surely you will have noticed that Weight loss can sometimes be not as simple as you think , especially because you need perseverance and patience.

keep weight

Constancy because the loss of weight, of course, is not instantaneous at all. And patience because this weight reduction should be progressive and maintained over time.

But if there is something that worries many people, it is not just the weightloss , if not its maintenance over time once it has managed to lose weight .

In most cases you need extra help to discover how to maintain the weight . We discover some tips or useful habits in this regard.

How to keep the weight lost?

  • Follow a balanced diet : although to maintain your weight the diet will not be so strict that when the objective is to lose it, you must continue with a balance diet .
  • Eat 5 times a day : It is essential to keep our body "busy" continuously burning fat. Also, it is useful to not get to the next meal with a ravenous hunger, which will prevent you from Eat excessively .
  • Do not skip any food : it is a mistake to think that if you skip any of your daily meals (for example breakfast or snack) you will lose weight, or keep it. The only thing you will achieve is to slow down your metabolism, which in the long run will mean that it costs you a lot to burn the calories you eat.
  • Do not consume more calories than you burn : Just like when you follow a weight loss diet, it is not advisable -of course- to eat more calories than you burn, since you will finally end up recovering the lost weight.
  • Continue practicing physical exercise : there are many people who, once they have fulfilled their goal of losing weight, stop practicing physical exercise. This is a serious mistake, since exercise should not be seen as a way to reduce our weight, but to enjoy good health. Therefore, continue practicing physical exercise. Not only will you keep the weight, but you will gain health.

If you want to know more about yourself ideal weight , discover what is the ideal weight in men or the ideal weight in women , and know if your weight is located or not in these limits considered as healthy.

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