Losing weight in a short time

lose weight We know by overweight Y obesity Excess weight, which, in a certain sense, exceeds normal weight levels, based on a series of general data and figures, which translate not only into the BMI ( IMC calculator ), But in the height, physical complexion and age of the person.

As has been scientifically demonstrated on countless occasions, and as we know from a wide variety of studies that have been done many times, the obesity Can become a serious health problem, which can lead to the appearance of a large number of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, and another even more serious that could be prevented from the outset: cancer.

In any case, especially when spring or summer approaches (the good weather, after all), there are many people who work in Lose weight in a short time , To put their"bodies ready"and want to look a slim figure.

Losing weight in a short time

Losing weight in a short time Tends to become a topic or something very requested when the months of heat and good weather arrive, and especially when the winter gives way to the hot days that invite you to visit the beach or the pool.

But sometimes it can become an obsessive issue that affects not only the person's own emotional and psychological stability, but his health.

In these cases, it is common for the person to stop eating or to eat very little, and follow dangerous diets that may not be as good and positive for their own body.

It can To lose weight in a short time , But for this we must have the advice and observation of a professional in dietetics and nutrition, which will ensure that we do not endanger our own health.

That is in case we want to follow a diet of slimming. Although you can lose weight in a much simpler way: simply by changing our habits of life, opting for a healthy food , For a much healthier life, drinking plenty of liquid (which will help to purify our body and eliminate what our body does not need), and practicing exercise at least 3 times a week.

Of course, do not stress or obsess about ever wanting to lose weight quickly, since it can become a serious problem that endangers your health.

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