Living without a gall bladder

Together with the liver (find out how it is possible purify the liver ), the gallbladder It is a very small organ that stores the bile produced by the liver, releasing it to the duodenum so that it intervenes in the digestion process.

live without a bladder

At the time of take care of the gallbladder , it is essential to prevent the formation of stones inside, a pathology that receives the name of cholelithiasis , and that in many occasions they do not cause symptoms and they are discovered by surprise when routine x-rays are taken.

The vesicle is an organ that, in addition to stones in the gallbladder , can be affected by acute inflammation (a condition that gets worse when the liver is also inflamed), by some condition or by the appearance of the so-called fatty liver , so common today due to the increase of overweight, obesity and alcohol consumption.

Although it is important to take care of the gallbladder from the diet, avoiding tobacco and alcohol and reducing gas-producing foods, there are many people live without gallbladder , mainly because it was removed after a surgical intervention.

Is it possible to live without bile vesicles?

Taking into account that the gallbladder is responsible for storing the bile produced by the liver and once stored it tends to release it into the duodenum, in many moments it can be difficult to think that it is possible to live without it .

If we take into account the main functions carried out by the vesicle, it is evident that since this small organ was responsible for improving the solubility of cholesterol, fats and vitamins for better absorption, after its removal the food will have a much heavier and slower digestive process .

In fact, the bile that was previously stored in the gallbladder now goes directly to the intestine , so it's fundamental the adoption of certain dietary habits . Therefore, it is possible to live without a bladder, but it is advisable to change the diet to take into account some basic health habits.

Dietary and feeding habits for people without gallbladder

  • 5 meals a day and lighter : deforms that we help the liver, intestines and stomachs to have more time to assimilate and absorb the food better.
  • Drink enough water : It is advisable to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water daily, the purer and less sodium better.
  • Healthy and healthy food : it is advisable to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables, although it is not advisable to mix them with another food, since when digested it will ferment and generate alcohol.

Diet without gallbladder

To the different dietary and feeding habits indicated above, it is advisable to take into account the following recommendations from how diet should be without gallbladder :

  • Recommended foods : fruits (such as apple, grapes, melon, papaya, orange and plum), vegetables (the best ones are green vegetables) and semi-cooked vegetables, whole grains and brown rice, legumes (such as lentils and beans, although abuse them), only grilled white meats and olive oil.
  • Recommended drinks : natural fruit juices, vegetable milks (such as soy milk), teas (such as green tea and red tea) and infusions.
  • Foods that you should avoid : "light" products since they unbalance the natural metabolism of our body, red meats, fried foods, fast food, sausages, milk from cows and derivatives (such as cheeses and yogurts), white flours and derivatives (such as crackers, refined cereals or white bread) and refined sugar (white sugar).

Recommended health habits for people without a bladder

  • Practice physical exercise every day : not only will it be beneficial for your health in general, but it will help your gut to remain active, actively eliminating everything that your body does not need.
  • Enjoy a more relaxed life : stay away from stress and anxiety and try to live more calmly. Do not forget the emotional and nervous tension is harmful to your health in general and particularly to your liver and your stomach.
  • Practice some relaxing therapy : techniques such as yoga or relaxation can be useful to help you enjoy a much calmer life.

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