List of foods with lots of salt

food-list-with-salt The Salt (for its content in sodium ) becomes an essential nutrient for the proper functioning of our body, despite what can be mistakenly believed, the truth is that we tend to consume an excess of this mineral, which becomes a serious problem for our health.

In this sense, we must bear in mind that sodium is one of the elements minerals most prevalent in the blood and in the different extracellular fluids of our organism, having an extremely important role:

  • It helps maintain the balance between the various liquids in our body.
  • Useful in the maintenance of acid-base balance.
  • It participates in the hydration of cells.
  • It helps in the normal excitability of the muscles.

In reference to what are the normal sodium needs for an adult person, their consumption should not exceed 1 to 2 grams per day. Although, as we know, the normal contribution of a common daily diet contributes much more (from 5 to 7 grams a day, approximately).

In these cases we must pay attention to the consequences of excessive salt consumption :

  • It causes the appearance of heart diseases.
  • Increase the risk of arterial hypertension .
  • Saturates the kidneys.
  • It can cause cerebrovascular accidents.

Therefore, when salt consumption is contraindicated we can take into account the list of foods with a lot of salt that we indicate to you next. Take good note:

Salty snacks

Potatoes chips

350 - 400 mg

Salty cookies

400 - 450 mg


365 mg


Salted almonds

750 mg

Salted hazelnuts

780 mg

Salty peanuts

780 mg

Salted pistachios

780 mg


780 mg

Canned products


300 mg


270 mg

Tomato (canned)

420 mg


340 mg



703 mg


890 mg


2300 mg

Cooked ham

965 mg

Serrano ham

2350 mg


670 mg


740 mg


2084 mg


1060 mg


914 mg

Milk and derivatives


286 mg

Goat cheese

345 mg

Cheddar cheese

620 mg


960 mg

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