Lips sensitive to the cold

lips-sensitive-cold We are in full winter , a station in which it is highly appropriate and advisable to take into account what care for winter can help us enjoy good health.

And it is that, as we have mentioned on several occasions, it may be appropriate to know how increase defenses which, incidentally, tend to weaken with the arrival of cold.

Besides, the skin It tends to be another part of our body that most suffer with the arrival of winter.

However, it is also common for many people to have the sensitive lips from the cold , something extremely common that can be cared for and hydrated from a natural point of view with the use, for example, of the lip sticks .

Why are the lips sensitive to cold?

The lips They tend to be the most delicate area of ​​the face, mainly because its thin stratum cornea is formed by two keratinized layers, which together with its low content of water and lipids makes them dry and crack with greater ease.

With the arrival of the cold, it is common for sensitive lips , so that they usually dry out and crack more than usual.

A good solution is to keep them always hydrated and nourished with the help of lip creams made with all-natural ingredients, and specially designed to take care of the lips .

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