Lecithin: benefits against fats and properties

What is lecithin?

The lecithin is produced mainly by the h í gado , although we also find it in other foods, such as eggs, and it is the common ingredient of many food products. It is also true that, in recent years, the so-called soy lecithin It has become tremendously popular, especially since soy has gained importance in the diet and diet of many people (especially after the arrival of the popular soy beverage on the market).

It basically consists of an extract that is obtained from the oil or fat of a certain food. It basically consists of a phospholipid. And from a nutritional point of view, in addition to triglycerides such as glycerol or fatty acids, it also contains more components.

In fact, unlike other supplements or food supplements, since it is an extract (or purified substance), it does not contain fiber, proteins or carbohydrates. That is to say, it's fundamentally fat , besides being a good source of vitamin E.

What is lecithin

Benefits of lecithin (and properties of soy lecithin)

Over time, lecithin has gradually "carved out" an important reputation as a vital and essential factor in the prevention and treatment of heart disease, as well as helping slimming diets .

In regard to the most important Benefits that lecithin has health, we find that many researches have shown that pure soy lecithin helps to reduce cholesterol, in such a way that it controls it.

This is an important issue, for example, in the atherosclerosis , which can be reversed if the blood lipids are controlled and the high cholesterol itself at its normal levels.

Lecithin as an emulsifier breaks down fats, and soy lecithin in itself it prevents the fat from forming deposits, decomposing it into particles so that they can be metabolized more easily and fully. In other words: lecithin prevents grease from accumulating .

also can help against gallstones , since it increases the capacity of the bile to solubilize the cholesterol, and helps to normalize the low proportions of phospholipids.

Although it is currently not fully demonstrated, it seems that lecithin can help in patients with Alzheimer's disease, since a trial conducted in 1985, showed that high lecithin levels benefit people with advanced Alzheimer's, by improving the orientation, memory and learning.

Help also against fatty liver (steatosis), since it helps the liver to metabolize the fats themselves and avoids, as indicated above, to accumulate in the liver.

Properties of egg lecithin

Main contraindications of lecithin

As any supplement or nutritional supplement, we must attend to what are the contraindications that may exist in the leticine, and that could prevent its consumption.

Basically it is a supplement that is not advised in pregnant women or during breastfeeding. Nor is it recommended for people who are allergic to soybeans and soy products.

On the other hand, it is recommended to consult the doctor beforehand if we follow a certain medical treatment, or in case of any type of disease or pathology.

Is soy lecithin better?

While lecithin can be obtained from foods of animal origin as is the case of the egg, in recent years has also gained in popularity known as soy lecithin . It has become, in fact, a tremendously popular nutritional supplement, which is obtained from the seeds of soybeans.

Contraindications of Leticin

In this sense, many nutritionists advise soy lecithin because, unlike the leticin obtained from the egg, the soybean lecithin contains a higher percentage in phosphatidyl-inositol, so its benefits will obviously be higher, given that This type of phospholipid intervenes in a wide variety of metabolic functions.

In addition, participates and actively intervenes in the functioning of the nervous system, specifically for the proper functioning of neurotransmitters, helps maintain good health of the nails and hair, and is also very beneficial for fertility.

However, it is true that both one option and another are equally advisable and healthy. Of course, as long as there is no type of contraindication that prevents their consumption.

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