Know your proper weight

We know that, when it comes to maintaining good health, it is not only essential to follow a healthy food , rich mainly in fruits and vegetables, as well as the practice of daily physical exercise. It is also necessary to maintain a weight according to our own physical complexion.

Usually, in nutrition and dietetics, keeping this last parameter at bay within normality itself is what it receives the name of ideal weight .

To do this, we currently have a calculation that offers us the possibility of knowing whether or not we are within that limit considered "normal", especially considering the so-called Body Mass Index (or BMI).

Luckily, today there is a wide variety of calculators that, precisely, help us when it comes to calculate ideal weight .

Calculate your ideal weight

To calculate our ideal weight, the page Ideal weight offers you an interesting and useful BMI calculator that helps us to know our own BMI by attending to several factors: your weight (in kg.), your sex, your height or height (in meters), and your age.

Once these data are added, the page will process our information to provide us with detailed information about our BMI.

Remember that if your BMI is between 20-25, you have a normal weight (which is considered normal weight). In case you exceed that number, you will be overweight (25-30), or obese (from 30 onwards).

Remember to always maintain a good state of health, and have your weight within normal levels according to your height, age and weight. In this way, you will not only enjoy good health, but you will foresee the appearance of many diseases.

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