Kiwis Zespri: a fruit rich in vitamins

Kiwis-zespri Summer is here, and it has arrived with great force. Strength to come accompanied by a heat wave that practically affects almost the whole of our country.

As many health specialists recommend, although it is true that our body must be hydrated at all times, even if we do not feel like drinking water, during the summer this hydration must increase.

A good way to increase hydration, besides refreshing, is to do it with a delicious Kiwi Zespri , Which can be delicious in the two varieties that we are currently on the market: kiwi Zespri® Green And the kiwi Zespri® Gold .


Delicious Zespri Kiwis

The Zespri® kiwis , As a rule, are characterized by an interesting variety of benefits and properties that make them a recommended fruit at all times.

For example, thanks to their fiber content, they are an ideal fruit in preventing constipation and improving intestinal transit.


However, to discover a little more about the benefits of varieties Zespri , It is best to know more about both.

Kiwis Zespri® Green

You will identify the Kiwis Zespri® Green Because they have an oval and hairy appearance, and when you cut them, their flesh is a striking green color. Moreover, with respect to its flavor, it has rather a bittersweet flavor.

It is rich in fiber, but it has a low calorie content, so its consumption is recommended to practically anyone, especially those who are following a diet of thinning.

Kiwis Zespri® Gold

It is an even more characteristic variety, because when you cut it its pulp is of a curious golden color.

It is rich in vitamins, especially in vitamin C, E and folic acid (a nutrient, of course, recommended for pregnant women).

In addition to its low calorie content, it provides energy, making it an ideal fruit to start the day.

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