Kiwano: benefits and properties

kiwano benefits The tropical fruits stand out for being exotic fruits that, in our country, they tend not to be as well known as other pieces more commonly consumed on a daily basis.

A good example is the cannon or the mangosteen , two delicious fruits from Indonesia, Malaysia and America that stand out -and surprise- for their delicious flavor, not being easy to find in our market or usual greengrocer.

He kiwano It is another example of those fruits unknown to most of us. It belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family, a family that also includes more well-known fruits such as watermelon and melon.

It actually consists of a wild fruit , which is presented with a really striking appearance, as it resembles a cactus to have a skin covered with fleshy spines, but with much more vivid colors.

Benefits of kiwano

From a nutritional point of view, the kiwano It is a fruit especially rich in water, so it is a food with purifying and diuretic benefits, helping on the one hand against fluid retention , while it is useful to eliminate toxins from our body.

Despite its wealth in potassium (people with kidney failure should be careful with their consumption), we must take into account that it does not stand out precisely for its nutritional contribution, so that if we want to enrich it with other nutrients it is advisable to consume it accompanied by other fruits.

properties of kiwano

It has a very low amount of calories and also fat, so its consumption is recommended within a healthy and balanced diet. In addition, thanks to its low sodium content, it is also recommended to consume it in people with arterial hypertension , heart problems and blood vessel diseases.

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