Kegel exercises for the pelvic floor

The pelvic floor is the internal musculature that closes in the form of rhombus or diamond the inferior narrow of the abdomino-pelvic cavity . In other words, it is a muscle and ligament system that close the floor of the abdomen, maintaining in correct position and in suspension both the bladder and the uterus and the rectum, against the force of gravity itself.

kegel pelvic floor exercises

It is a part of our body that is considered as the great forgotten. In fact, surely if you ask many men and women What is the pelvic floor , there are probably few who can respond with security and without hesitation.

However the weakening of the pelvic floor It tends to cause several disorders, among which we find sexual dysfunctions or stress urinary incontinence.

Among the causes that cause this weakening we find pregnancy, childbirth, certain sports such as jumping and impact, menopause or the inheritance that the person has. Nor should we forget other causes, such as obesity, constipation, stress, chronic cough, wear tight clothes or retain urine.

Hence, the exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor they should be practiced at least once a week, since they help us strengthen the pelvic floor .

Some useful and recommended exercises are those baptized as Kegel exercises , which receive this name because they were designed by Dr. Arnold Kegel with only one objective: strengthen the bones of the pelvic floor .

How to do the Kegel exercises for the pelvic floor?

Before do the Kegel exercises It is essential to identify and isolate the muscles of the perineum.

An interesting way is to stop urination at intervals. To do this, you must sit with your legs spread and try to stop the urine, then let it flow again without moving your legs. It is not advisable, however, to do it regularly, since you may be at risk of getting a urine infection.

At the time of practice the Kegel exercises , you should lie comfortably on your back with your feet flat on the floor and your knees bent. Keep your back on the floor without any hollow in the lower back.

Try to imagine that you pull the muscles up, doing it slowly and concentrating until you can not anymore. Breathe quietly and do it slowly. Repeat it 10 to 15 times.

Kegel exercises for the pelvic floor

Slow Kegel exercise

1) Squeeze the pelvic muscles the same way you did when you stopped your urine.

2) Contract them and keep them contracted while you count up to 5. Breathe gently.

3) Relax for 5 seconds and repeat a total of 10 times.

Quick Kegel exercise

1) Squeeze and relax the muscles quickly until you get tired or 3 minutes pass.

2) You can start with 10 repetitions three times a day until you reach 50 repetitions a day.

Kegel exercises video

We leave you with a video about Kegel exercises :

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