Cabbage: properties and benefits

Although the leaves of kale they contain the same properties of arugula , mainly because of its characteristic green color that contain a lot of similar benefits, the truth is that both its texture and its taste are - evidently - completely different.

kale properties

Not in vain, both the kale Like other varieties of cabbage, whose leaves are green, they contain a great diversity of vegetable substances that provide their main and important nutritional properties for health, both their content in vitamins and minerals.

It is a variety of cabbage that is also known by the names of cabbage of Milan or savoy cabbage , because it was originally grown on the border between Italy and France.

Benefits of kale

The kale It is extremely rich in vitamins (especially vitamin C and vitamin K), and minerals (such as potassium, magnesium, selenium and calcium), so it provides a variety of essential nutrients for our body.

It also provides other compounds and nutrients, as is the case with beta carotene , so it is a useful vegetable in the health care of the eyes and vision .

It is interesting in the cancer prevention and tumor development (especially the colon and lung cancer , but also breast cancer and others that have a hormonal origin), thanks to their antioxidant plant chemicals on the one hand, and on the other hand, they are capable of increase the metabolism of estrogen .

Likewise, it is a useful vegetable at the time of lower levels of high cholesterol , especially the bad cholesterol , preventing heart disease and helping us take care of our cardiovascular system .

From a medicinal or therapeutic point of view, it is usual to use its juice as a remedy for digestive and stomach disorders, as is the case with peptic ulcers .

Nutritional benefits of kale


34 kcal.


4.3 g.


1.1 g.

Total fat

0.8 g.


4.3 g.



Vitamin A

835 ug.


45 mg.

Vitamin B1

0.10 mg.


490 mg.

Vitamin B2

0.20 mg.


235 mg.

Vitamin B3

2.1 mg.


90 mg.

Vitamin B6

0.25 mg.


35 mg.

Vitamin C

106 mg.


1.8 mg.

Vitamin E

1.8 mg.

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