Kaiku without Lactose and the Show Cooking Kaiku Without Lactose 2011 event

We know that Lactose intolerance Is considered as one of the most common food allergies today, which increasingly affects more people. Not surprisingly, a recent study has shown that in Spain 15% of people suffer from lactose intolerance. Just as we have already told you on several occasions.


For this reason, Kaiku Stands out as one of the food companies that has been most concerned with the launching of lactose-free dairy products, specially designed for those who, even if they can not digest lactose, want to continue enjoying all the flavor and all the nutrients of cow's milk.

Not in vain, at present the range Kaiku Without Lactose Stands out precisely for being one of the most complete and varied of the market.

Only a few weeks ago, Kaiku Invited for the first time a total of five bloggers (the most important bloggers within the health sector), in addition to the winners of the contest that Kaiku Without Lactose Had organized through Facebook, The Purple Community and the Lactose Free Blog.

Show Cooking Kaiku Without Lactose Event 2011

In the event, called Show Cooking Kaiku Without Lactose I (Corresponding to this year 2011), the well-known chef blogger Orielo participated. Who elaborated a delicious menu prepared with products of Kaiku Without Lactose , As it shows that you can also make wonderful recipes with dairy products without lactose:

  • Bolognese and spinach lasagne with bacon-free lactose.
  • Chicken curry tikka masala with aromatic basmati rice.
  • Coconut cake in the microwave.

An excellent way to enjoy absolutely all the nutrients of milk, but without the lactose, a sugar present in cow's milk, but that many people can not digest it.


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