Kaiku Benecol against cholesterol, is it really useful?

We know that the high cholesterol it can become a real risk to health, especially when the person does not know that he has high blood fat levels (especially because it does not cause symptoms) and these remain for a long time without being lowered.

For this reason, many specialists in health and medicine recommend blood tests at least once a year (in case you have no disease or disease), or every six months as a specific control.

Likewise, it is convenient and recommendable to follow a healthy life, with healthy and healthy foods, maintain an appropriate weight and exercise.

Maintaining these habits every day, together with not smoking or drinking alcohol are essential and fundamental practices when it comes to preventing high cholesterol, or to reduce it if necessary.

Among the foods or products that help lower cholesterol levels with health, we find the soy drinks . And, among these soya beverages, Kaiku Benecol stands out particularly, a product that has stood out in a study published in the magazine OCU-Saludn this month as the best.

Kaiku Benecol: the best product against cholesterol

Kaiku Benecol It is characterized for being a delicious group of products made with soy , ideal for people with high cholesterol, since among its main components have added phytosterols ideal for the reduction of LDL-cholesterol.

In the study conducted by the OCU , a comparative study of the products with added phytosterols was carried out, which we can actually find in the market today.

In the study, two fat spreads (margarine type) and 11 drinks were analyzed, of which 1 is Kaiku Benecol Soybeans with tropical fruits and the rest with fermented milk.

Well, citing one's own OCU , "Among the fermented milks, the best of Analysis is Kaiku Benecol soy drink ", with an overall score of 81 points out of 100.

And, as it could not be less, in the second position we are also KAIKU BENECOL, in this case natural flavor, which gets 78 points.

As you surely know, Kaiku is one of the most prestigious brands when it comes to drinking milk without lactose, which allowed people intolerant to lactose could finally drink milk without having then a difficult digestion.

Now, it becomes one of the reference brands against cholesterol, to lower its high levels with health.

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