Juice to lose weight

juice-lose-weight Take a good natural juice It is a good option not only when refreshing our body, but to provide our body with the nutrients we need every day to function properly.

And is that maintaining a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables is always the best way to enjoy good health, precisely because of the great variety of vitamins and minerals they contain.

With regard to the juices , for example, opt for a detoxifying juice It is a recommended option for clean our organism , and thus eliminate the toxins that our body does not need.

On this occasion we propose the preparation of a delicious juice to lose weight , ideal in slimming diets.

Juice to lose weight


  • 300 g of spinach leaves
  • 1 leek
  • 4 carrots

Steps to make the juice to lose weight

1. Wash all the ingredients well.

2. Cut the leek and cut it.

3. Cut the ends of the carrots and cut them.

Four. Finally, go through the blender, stir and drink immediately.

You can drink this juice every day, once a day.

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