Rejuvenating tomato, pepper and avocado juice: with benefits for the skin

A refreshing and natural option to enjoy delicious drinks full of vitamins and minerals, ideal to drink at any time of the day, are the juices and fresh juices , that we can elaborate from fresh fruits and vegetables either individually or combining them together to prepare wonderful authentic health cocktails.

Among its main characteristics we can mention its ease of preparation, since in just a few minutes we can enjoy all its flavor and freshness. It also surprises their incredible nutritional wealth, since they become a simple option to provide our body with different essential nutrients, as long as they are consumed quickly once we have prepared them. And, as it could not be less, its ability to refresh and hydrate us.

How to make a tomato, pepper and avocado juice

In fact, they are ideal to enjoy the flavor of seasonal foods, which provide us with the nutrients we need for that time of year. Thus, for example, the seasonal fruits that we find during the summer months stand out for their high water content and for being extremely light; while during the autumn and winter we can find fruits with a high carbohydrate content.

How to make a tomato, pepper and avocado juice

Ingredients you need:

  • A tomato.
  • Half avocado
  • Half red pepper
  • Half clove of garlic


We remove the skin from the tomato, the avocado and the clove of garlic.

Wash the pepper and cut it into cubes.

Chop avocado, tomato and garlic.

We put everything together in the glass of the blender and beat well.

Once beaten we put the juice in a glass and we take it.

We must remember to make the juice at the moment we go to take it to benefit from all its properties.

The benefits of this tomato, pepper and avocado juice

Tomatoes and peppers are vegetables rich in antioxidants that help us prevent the aging of the cells of both our skin and our body.

As you surely know, foods rich in antioxidants help to slow down the free radicals that are responsible for cell aging, while helping us to prevent the occurrence of certain diseases.

On the other hand, the avocado contributes to favor the production of collagen , and contains beneficial fatty acids for the skin, this mixture helps us to keep the skin young and healthy.


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