Does margarine make you fat?

margarine-fattening The margarine it is a semisolid fatty substance that, mainly, differs from butter in that it tends to better withstand the high cooking temperatures.

However, it should be taken into consideration that it is certainly not advisable to cook with it, and it is always appropriate to use the olive oil , a much healthier fat.

Another main difference of the margarine with the butter is that it is obtained from the oil, consisting of a hydrogenated oil or artificially saturated to get it to thicken.

Sometimes it is enriched with liposoluble vitamins or linoleic acid to increase the interest of consumers in this product, but, really margarine makes you fat ?

Does margarine make you fat?

The vegetable margarine contains about 80% dissolved fats in water, linoleic acid, Vitamin E , some minerals (among which calcium, magnesium or sodium) and only 8 mg. of cholesterol.

In any case it must be taken into account that margarine, far from being more adequate than butter, is an energy and caloric food, as well as the latter.

For this reason, the most advisable thing is always to moderate your consumption, always opting for those considered as Light , in which it has been possible to reduce its caloric value.

In reference to whether the margarine makes you fat or not, it is clear that consumed excessively fat, especially due to its high caloric content. Reason why, it must be eaten in a moderate way and in few occasions.

For this reason, many nutritionists or dieticians do not include this product in weight loss diets.

It should also monitor its sodium content, dangerous for people with problems of hypertension .

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