Coffee, is it good for your health?

Much has been said about the coffee , and in a certain sense it could be said that there are some diverse myths that are not completely true, and that nevertheless are taken as real when, in reality, it can become absolutely the opposite.


It has been said that coffee makes you fat, which can even intoxicate various organs (mainly the liver ), or that produces halitosis . But what is true about all this?

In the first place, we must take into account the type of coffee that we usually consume, since it is not the same as natural roast coffee (which tends to be a much healthier coffee with a greater number of benefits and nutritional properties), than a roasted coffee , which has lost nutrients due to being subjected to high temperatures, in such a way that toxic substances have also appeared.

As you surely know, coffee contains caffeine , which is a stimulant that penetrates with certain ease in absolutely all the cells of our body, accumulating easily. Once it is consumed, this substance is degraded in the liver, being eliminated through the urine between three and six hours after being consumed.

What type of coffee is healthier?

It is better to opt for a natural roast coffee than for a roasted coffee, since the latter can reach overload the liver and liver function itself, or even produce digestive problems, fatigue or insomnia, and even halitosis.

How many cups of coffee can be taken a day?

With regard to how many cups of coffee the experts recommend to be taken daily, the best option is to never take more than two coffees a day, being able to substitute them for tea or infusions.

It is better to enjoy a good cup of coffee in a moderate way, than to drink three or four cups every day, and in addition to roasted coffee. Do not forget that we can always continue to enjoy the delicious taste of coffee, also opting for one of natural roasting.

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