Is eating chocolate healthy?

Surely you are a lover of chocolate , an authentic -and unique- culinary pleasure that is made up of the sugar mixture with two components exclusively from the cocoa seed: cocoa paste (solid matter) and cocoa butter (fat).

chocolate and health

Thanks to this mixture, and obviously depending on the way of processing and the different ingredients that can be included during the manufacturing process, we can now enjoy a wide variety of chocolates. From chocolates with milk to dried fruit, going from chocolate to mint, to orange ...

Although it is true that there are many people who prefer to opt for the classics: dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. If you are a chocolate lover, as much as we are, surely you will have asked yourself the following question: Is consuming chocolate healthy and adequate for health?

Is it healthy to eat chocolate every day?

Before proceeding to answer this question, we must pay almost special attention to the different benefits of chocolate :

  • It contributes substances such as flavonoids, which help to take care of our heart, and ideal in the prevention of heart attacks and spills. In addition, they reduce blood pressure.
  • It improves our mood, helping us positively against depression.
  • Intensifies libido, especially in women.
  • It helps control blood sugar, thanks to its low glycemic index (if you opt for dark chocolate).

At this point, it is evident that the consumption of chocolate, provided it is not contraindicated, is adequate for our health and for our nutrition and diet.

However, we must differentiate which would be the most recommended chocolate from a health point of view: it highlights above all the dark chocolate , thanks to that we are before a type of chocolate much more pure than the other two varieties (chocolate with milk or white chocolate).

Regarding the amount of chocolate we could eat each day, the most advisable thing is opt for 25 grams of dark chocolate , which will give us its different benefits and nutritional properties, without its caloric content can be counterproductive to our weight.

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