Invisible orthodontics

Some time ago we were able to know some tips and tricks to enjoy, in a simple way, some healthy teeth , An issue that, incidentally, gave us the possibility of having a healthy denture.

In this sense, and more specifically within the different problems that can affect oral health, not only from an aesthetic point of view, cavities become the most common.

Although it is also common to meet people who, for different reasons (mainly because they do not have enough space), their teeth have not grown linearly, showing an appearance that aesthetically speaking can be annoying, especially for their own self-esteem.

Today there are several treatments that can help solve the problem in a short time, and above all in the simplest and fastest way possible.

We know, for example, the existence of the classic brackets, and that precisely help to properly align the patient's teeth.

But there is also a recent treatment that can help many patients not feel bad about using this type of orthodontics, since sometimes the brackets can be annoying or be fully visible.

It is called Invisible orthodontics , A novel technology that allows to align the teeth of adults without brackets, with a very special feature: it is a system that is not seen, does not affect speech, and does not interfere with the patient's normal rhythm of life .

In order to be able to use it, a computerized study with Stereolithography is carried out in order to obtain a virtual model in the computer, so that the patient can know the evolution and the result of the treatment, in addition to the approximate duration of the treatment.

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