Intragastric Slimming Ball

The obesity Is a very common health problem in western and eastern societies today, so it has become a real alarm for most health and health authorities.

The correct treatment to solve problems of obesity depends on the weight that the person has, as well as attending to the different health problems that may exist in it.


But in order to properly solve the problem, it is best to rely on obesity clinics and centers to help tackle it - and fix it - at the root.

One of them is Obesity Medical Center , Which has a center in Madrid, and that in the future will have a total of 3 centers more distributed in Alicante, Valencia and Barcelona (next opening).

And it is one of the most interesting treatments with which they currently work is the so-called Intragastric balloon .

Intragastric Slimming Ball

He Intragastric balloon Is one of the most modern treatments developed in the fight against obesity, whose main advantage is that it does not require surgery.

This is possible thanks to the fact that it consists of an expandable balloon of silicone that is introduced empty by the mouth - by endoscopic way and is lodged in the stomach. Of course, once placed inside the stomach, the balloon is filled with a sterile saline solution (between 400 and 700 cc, which will depend on the overweight and size of the patient).

For all these reasons, the main objective of Intragastric balloon Is to create a feeling of satiety certainly continuous, occupying a large part of the stomach.

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