Intragastric Balloon Price

Price-cost-balloon-intragastric There is no doubt that the obesity Is a terribly growing problem in most societies developed and advanced at these precise times.

It is something that the relevant health authorities know and know, and in fact for some years now, different measures have been put in place to try to solve the problem. Especially in children ( Childhood obesity ).

In this regard, and above all within the Weight loss treatments , he Intragastric balloon Is a treatment for slim down and to lose weight Which helps those people who need to lose more than 10 kilos, and for which, after all, other treatments have not helped much.

Some time ago we told you that the Intragastric balloon Consists of a treatment that is based on the endoscopic introduction of a silicone balloon into the patient's stomach, which in turn is swollen with physiological saline and is maintained for 6 months.

This causes in the person a feeling of satiety constant and permanent, which affects the patient's hunger and what, obviously, leads to evident weight loss.

But what is the Price of the Intragastric Balloon ? Is it an expensive treatment?.

Price and cost of the Intragastric Balloon

He Price of Intragastric balloon , As a rule, ranges from 900 to 1,200 euros depending on the clinic or the specialist consultation where the treatment is carried out.

It is also true that this price depends on the treatment by which we choose. Something that, added to the previous and subsequent consultations with the nutritionist, can reach the balance of 4,000 - 6,000 euros.

It is true that it is a tool to modify the eating habits somewhat expensive, but useful in those cases in which other treatments have not worked.

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