Insomnia and hiatal hernia


Sleep well

It is one of the best options when you can enjoy, in general, good health. Follow one sleeping nutrition adequate, rich in a balanced and healthy diet, as well as knowing how many hours should we sleep It is essential in this regard.

However, different disorders, health problems or even diseases can seriously affect the person at bedtime, appearing the dreaded insomnia .

In this aspect, one of the most common problems that can cause insomnia without attending to psychological problems such as depression or stress, we find the hiatal hernia , which can cause many people not to sleep more than three or four hours in a row, waking up continuously at night.

Insomnia and hiatal hernia

Although the insomnia can appear for different reasons, the truth is that one of the most common tends to be the one called hiatal hernia , which causes a series of discomforts to the person that, finally, prevent him from sleeping properly.

Bearing in mind that when you have this problem, it is essential to adopt a healthy lifestyle opting for a light and balanced diet, the truth is that this condition tends to improve following a series of basic tips, which also help you sleep better.

For example, you should follow all the advice your endocrinologist has given you to the letter. In addition, it is essential that you bear in mind the following:

  • Avoid going to bed as you have eaten food. You must wait at least two hours.
  • Always eat light and frequent meals. It will help you to facilitate the digestion of what you have eaten.
  • Avoid spicy and flatulent foods.
  • Avoid carbonated drinks, alcohol and coffee.
  • Walking after meals will help you ease your digestion.
  • Do not use belts or sashes that oppress your abdomen.

Following these rules is likely that you can rest better and, above all, with the least number of awakenings possible.

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