Ideal food for winter

winter feeding We know that, during the months of winter , it tends to be more or less fundamental to increase the consumption of healthy foods for an almost vital issue: increase defenses and strengthen the immune system of our body.

With this we avoid that, for example, we have a greater predisposition to suffer infectious diseases typical of this time of the year, as is the case of the flu or colds.

And is that within their own care for winter , in addition to dressing well and adopting a healthy lifestyle (an issue that should be followed all year, not only in winter), it is also advisable to follow a ideal feed for winter .

It is the best way to contribute to our body the different essential nutrients that you need so much each day. And, precisely, the most appropriate option is from a balanced diet, natural and healthy.

Taking into account that during the winter, due to the change of season and the decrease in sunlight, it tends to be very common for our health to suffer, which is why the risk of getting sick with flu and colds is likely to increase. Therefore, during this time it is ideal to follow a healthy diet. We offer you some simple tips.

What food should we follow during the winter?

  • Healthy and healthy food : Try to eat as healthy, healthy and varied as possible. It is advisable to eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day, and several times a week fish and white meats, as well as legumes and cereals. They also highlight foods rich in fiber.
  • Beware of fats : Avoid excess fats, sodium and sugars.
  • Increase the consumption of liquids : Drink a lot of water; the necessary for our body to function properly. Also the infusions and teas can be ideal in this time.
  • Eat seasonal foods : seasonal foods, typical of this time of year, are ideal because they provide the vitamins and minerals that our body needs.
  • Eat fruits, vegetables and fresh vegetables. The mandarins, grapes and figs stand out.
  • Practice physical exercise : It is essential to increase your defenses and also helps in a very positive way to enjoy good health. The best? Practice exercise three times a week, for at least 40 minutes.

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