Hypocaloric Oil Ordesa: a low calorie alternative to continue taking oil

Hypocaloric Oil Ordesa: a low calorie alternative to continue taking oil

When it comes to following a varied and balanced diet, more and more nutritionists and doctors Advise the Mediterranean diet As an example of not only varied but also extremely healthy and adequate food, especially when it is regularly followed and finally become a type of daily diet.

As you are sure to know, this diet is characterized by certain natural foods that undoubtedly become its main identity: olives, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables... and, of course, olive oil .

Hypocaloric oil from Ordesa

On this occasion from the hand of Ordesa We get a surprising Hypocaloric oil Which adds flavor to our diet, since it becomes an excellent option to put oil into our lives without the calories can pose any problem or inconvenience, all thanks to its Exclusive combination of mineral and vegetable oils . The result is clear: we are faced with The oil with less kilocalories per gram , which means that Provides 90% less calories than a traditional oil .

He Hypocaloric Oil Ordesa Is composed of 10% of virgin olive oil and 90% of paraffin oil, which provides only 13.5 kcal for each tablespoon (15 grams), compared to 135 kcal of normal oil.

This makes it an excellent natural choice for Enjoy a delicious and varied low-calorie diet , Enjoying the flavor of a good table oil such as vegetable dressing and salads, with lemon, alone or mixed with vinegar, or in the preparation of exquisite cold sauces (such as mayonnaise, pesto, pepper sauce...).

Ideal for salads

Undoubtedly, we are faced with a wonderful alternative for those who want to continue taking oil but should reduce excess calories (for example, in low-calorie diets). In addition, it is a natural oil that helps relieve constipation and promote good intestinal transit.

Recommendations when consuming it : It is advisable to always consume it in raw, not to cook nor to heat it. On the other hand, it is advisable to consume 1 to 3 tablespoons of this oil, not exceeding this amount.

If you want to discover more information we encourage you to visit the official website of Ordesa where you can learn more: Www.aceitehipocalorico.com .

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