Hydration during exercise

We know that the Water (for the benefits and properties of water ) is fundamental for life, since for example around 60% of the human body is water.


We also know that under normal conditions we should drink at least two liters of liquid daily, but there are many situations that make this amount should be increased.

But during the practice of exercise and sports , the hydration of our organism is extremely fundamental, since it is only able, by itself, to generate a relatively small amount.

During the exercise practice , the body temperature of the human body is increased, the main thermoregulatory mechanism being sweat. And it is that with him we lose heat of our body when the different drops evaporate, although this does not happen when they fall, an issue that causes us to lose water and, therefore, dehydrate

When we have thirst People believe they should drink water, but during exercise when a subject feels thirsty he should know that it is one of the symptoms of dehydration, assuming a reduction in performance capacity.

To prevent the onset of dehydration and help hydrate our body during sports, we must replace about 200 ml. of liquid during the exercise every 15-20 minutes, protecting us from the environmental heat using caps or shades.

It is extremely useful to wear clothes that favor perspiration , also avoiding the hottest hours, and drink drinks enriched with Mineral salts when we exercise for more than an hour or outdoors with high temperatures.

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