Game meat and lead contamination

game meat and lead When a person eats Bushmeat it tends to be very usual to worry about its possible lead contamination , a toxic metal that enters the meat through the shots or cartridges of the hunters.

Many nutritionists have warned in recent years that the current game animals exceed the maximum level of lead established by the World Health Organization.

In fact, many scholars have found that even eliminating the pellets of these meats before cooking, the concentrations of lead remain virtually intact, which becomes a serious danger to the health of the person who will finally consume this meat.

Effects of lead on health

The lead poisoning It causes a series of serious consequences in the organism:

  • Kidney damage, thus becoming a serious danger to the health and proper functioning of the kidneys.
  • Anemia.
  • Hypertension, by increasing blood pressure.
  • Damage to the brain.
  • Decrease in fertility in man.
  • Disturbance of the nervous system.
  • In the youngest children, disturbance in their behavior and in their ability to learn.
  • In pregnant women it can cause a miscarriage.

How to reduce lead contamination in game meat?

At present, many companies producing typical hunting bullets are using other materials in their preparation, which would greatly help to prevent lead from continuing to contaminate the meat of those animals hunted.

It is essential to consume only those meats that guarantee that you have not used lead pellets in your home.

In reference to the best way of cooking, it is interesting to cook them in the oven or roasts.

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