How to strengthen the immune system?

Especially in the stations of autumn and winter , and product both of the diseases themselves and the flu as well as because our immune system it is weak, it is vital strengthen it to prevent flu or, in his case, to face it reinforcing our organism.

Strengthen the immune system

And is that with the arrival of autumn, every year, thousands of people who get sick from the flu, constipated or colds, especially with the arrival of cold, low temperatures, and bad weather.

There are a series of basic recommendations that will help us strengthen our immune system. Of course, if you are interested in the subject, and especially in knowing how we can also strengthen our defenses, we recommend going through the article Phytotherapy and medicinal plants for autumn and winter .

How to strengthen the immune system

Eat many fresh fruits and vegetables It is vital during the coldest seasons of the year, especially because in this way we ensure a good supply of vitamins, especially vitamin C. In these cases, for example, we can eat tangerines , or a natural orange juice every morning, since Natural juices are always more recommended than packaged juices .

Drinking hot infusions (especially mullein or the eucalyptus ), tea itself (we recommend Green Tea or White tea ), or even vegetable broth , so that they help our throat recover and protect it.

In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, an equally positive option is to include onion and garlic in our diet, since they have an extremely important antiviral effect.

We can also take extracts from honey and propolis , which as we already knew in our note on the properties of propolis , it is ideal for the respiratory tract and for its anti-flu power.

Trace elements such as zinc or the selenium help to strengthen the defenses , while copper is very useful to fight throat infection. Precisely for this reason, we can ask for help from an expert who recommends a dietary supplement that contains trace elements.

It is not advisable to abuse the heating, but ventilate well the different rooms of our house so that the air is renewed.

Be that as it may, discover more tips that will help you when increase defenses in a natural and healthy way.

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