How to remove the smell of feet and armpits with baking

Among the different products that we usually have at home and whose uses may actually be greater than we think, we can find especially with the sodium bicarbonate . Also known by the names of sodium bicarbonate or baking soda , you will surely know that it consists of a solid compound with a crystalline appearance, with a very characteristic white color, soluble in water with a slightly alkaline flavor when combined with water. We can find it in Nature, in a totally natural way, or it can be produced in an industrial way.

As you can imagine, this is a cheap and basic product in many homes in our country, where it is used in the preparation of food (for example, to help the pastry to rise with flavor and volume). cleaning the house for its abrasive qualities and deodorants very useful for cleaning the refrigerator, or to treat or alleviate certain conditions and health problems.

Baking soda for the smell of feet and armpits

Among its benefits and qualities most popular, and also certainly unknown, we can mention the following: helps reduce and relieve heartburn by acting as a wonderful antacid, is useful for regulating high blood cholesterol levels, reduces pain caused by ulcers, helps reduce the uric acid and it is also suitable for purify the liver naturally.

But so much for the beauty as for the skin It also becomes an effective remedy for different tricks or habits. For example, because of its texture it acts as a good exfoliant for the skin, helps to relieve insect bites and is interesting as a dental whitening in turn combating dental plaque.

For the health of the feet It is also an excellent natural option. And is that in addition to relax tired feet Did you know it's interesting to reduce the annoying and uncomfortable smell of feet ? This is because of their qualities like deodorizing the feet , acting as a totally natural deodorant.

How to remove foot odor with baking soda

To enjoy these qualities you just have to fill a large tub or basin with enough hot water to completely submerge your feet. To do this, heat water in a saucepan and let it heat up. Once the ideal temperature is reached, add to the basin and add 3 tablespoons of baking soda. Then dip your feet in the tub, and leave for 30 minutes, while you relax reading your favorite book or listening to music. Finally dry your feet with the help of a towel.


And the smell of armpits?

To eliminate the annoying underarm odor with sodium bicarbonate you only have to wash your armpits first with a little water and neutral soap, either in the shower or in the sink. Then, in a cup, add a little water and 2 tablespoons of baking soda. Once this is done, wash your armpits with this mixture until you finish with the water present in the glass.


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