How to remove blackheads

The truth is that if you stop to observe the skin of all those people you meet every day, or simply of your closest relatives, it is quite possible that you will notice that the appearance of black spots It is actually a very common aesthetic problem. Although we think that they tend to appear mostly on the skin of many women, the reality is different: they also appear on the face of many men.

Fortunately, eliminate blackheads It is a natural and simple option, although you have to have patience to achieve the expected results, and above all be very consistent to avoid black spots reappearing after having managed to eliminate them. Therefore it is also appropriate to maintain a daily skin care.

Black spots

What are the black spots? What are they?

Black spots are open comedones , which appear on the skin of the face as dark spots. These they form when fat secretions from the skin mix with dead cells .

And why do they go black? Very simple: especially because these secretions tend to be very dense, having many dead cells, which tend to â € œpoll upâ €? in such a small space.

Given that they are formed by the presence of abundant sebaceous secretions, it is very common for them to appear in what is known as the T zone of the face (where the sebaceous glands are more concentrated): especially in the nose, in addition to the cheeks, around the eyes. lips and chin

How to eliminate annoying black spots

From a medical point of view and above all dermatological, black dots are actually called open comedo , consistent in flat or elevated lesions that present a normal skin color, characterized by having a central hole where material of dark coloration and unctuous touch accumulates.

We must differentiate them from the closed comedones (acne itself), which are characterized by a whitish color and can also appear in other areas of the body, not just the face.

Unlike with pimples or acne, there are no skins more or less prone to black spots, since virtually all people can have this skin problem.

And why do they appear?

The black dots appear when the pore canal or hair follicle is filled with both keratin and sebaceous secretion, which acquire that dark color when they come into contact with the environment.

How to reduce, eliminate and remove black spots?

Hot water bath

A recommended useful option is bathe your whole body with hot water , with what you will get to warm the skin. Then, when it is warm enough, you will notice how the pores of the face will be more open. This will be the ideal time to remove the black dots, since they will come out easily only by pressing them gently.

Of course, for the result to be the expected the black points should not be too buried or too close to the skin, and above all it is necessary to apply pressure below the black point.

Warm cotton compress

Since the heat acts very well to eliminate the black spots effectively, since with it we get to soften them while we open the pores, another useful option is use a slightly warm wet compress .


First it is necessary to apply a gentle exfoliant, useful to open pores and expose black spots. Then, lightly tap it with a towel on your face. Moisten the compress in hot water (being careful not to burn), and place it on the face for at least 10 minutes, this way you will soften the black spots. Finally carefully squeeze the black dots to get them out gently.

Homemade yogurt mask

At home you can make a wonderful yogurt mask , which meets our expectations enormously when it comes to removing black dots, because acts as a gentle exfoliant , that in addition to reducing them and eliminating them helps us when it comes to preventing them.

To prepare and apply this mask is actually very simple: you simply put a natural yogurt in a bowl, beat it a little with the help of a wooden spoon and apply it to your face, leaving it on for 10 minutes. Then wash your face with hot water, and if you see that the black dots have not yet come out completely, try to tighten them a bit.

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