How to relieve tired feet

After an exhausting day, especially when we work outside the home or when we simply find ourselves a good part of the day outside of it (especially when we can barely sit down to rest), it is normal to feel the tired feet , swollen or aching .


These disorders are obviously more common than you think, very common even in people with circulation problems, or those who spend a good part of the day standing (for example, dependents or any other job that requires the person to be always foot).

And it is that after a day like this it is normal to get home with the sore feet . And if we do not look for a more or less rapid solution, we can even rest poorly, because the sensation of tired feet can make us nervous and prevent us from falling asleep.

Hence, knowing some useful guidelines or tips to discover how to relieve tired feet It can be a very good help. Take good note.

Tricks to relieve tired feet

There are several useful strategies or tricks for relieve tired feet easily .

A great option is apply a bath or footbath of hot water and cold water, alternating and repeating for several minutes, to finish with cold water .

Once the bath or foot bath is applied, an even better idea is to apply a bit of sandalwood, mint or peppermint cream to help relax the circulation, while its smell also helps you to relax physically and mentally.

In case you do not have this cream, you can apply a simple hot water bath with salt and vinegar . You will quickly feel how your feet will rest.

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