How to recover an easily cut mayonnaise

Tips for recovering sliced ​​mayonnaise

A Mayonnaise homemade can be cut for different reasons, but all have as a common denominator a basic ingredient commonly used in its preparation: oil. And, although you think at first that what you should do is throw it away and start making a new one if it happens to you, the truth is that you can take it and retrieve it easily, without having to waste it and throw it away.

What are those causes that lead to mayonnaise being cut? The main reason has to do with the emulsion. That is to say, for the mayonnaise to be prepared and formed, it is necessary that the different proteins of the yolk of the egg (phospholipid proteins) are grouped and form bubbles when beating it, when acting together with the emulsifiers. However, if we pour too much oil, we do it very fast, or we do not maintain an adequate beat rate, the emulsion of the oil drops does not occur, and it ends up being cut.

Luckily, although it may seem otherwise, the truth is that it is easy to prevent a mayonnaise from being cut. The key is to use the right amount of oil (indicated in the recipe), maintain an appropriate rhythm (which is achieved with the help of an electric mixer, type minipimer), and avoid using very energetic speeds.

However, if in spite of it the mayonnaise has been cut, you should not throw it away and start making another one, let alone worry: You can fix it, recover it and fix it easily! . How? Following one of the tricks that we propose below.

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5 simple tricks to fix a cut mayonnaise

Basically you can choose between one of the 5 tips that we propose to recover a mayonnaise that has been cut. It is not that they work better or worse, but choosing between one or the other will depend directly on which one you prefer to choose. Take note:

  • Adding a whole egg: It is the most popular and traditional trick, which is usually used to try to recover a mayonnaise that has not emulsified correctly, and therefore has ended up being cut. It consists of cracking an entire egg in another glass, adding a bit of the mayonnaise that has been cut, and start beating little by little and rhythmically. Once it starts to form, the rest of the mayonnaise is added, and the mixture continues until it acquires the desired texture. As a result, you will get a greater amount of sauce, while its flavor - and color - will be softer.
  • Adding another egg yolk: It consists in doing the same thing that we have proposed in the previous advice, but instead of adding an entire egg, we use an egg yolk. You just have to separate the white from the yolk of the egg, add a little of the cut mayonnaise, and beat. Then, add the rest of the cut mayonnaise. You will get a less soft mayonnaise, but with a nice yellow color.
  • Adding lemon juice + egg yolk: The steps to follow are absolutely the same as in the previous advice, with the difference that we add a bit of freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  • Adding milk: Instead of using another whole egg or another egg yolk, warm milk is used. To do this, heat a little milk and, when it is warm, add one or two tablespoons of milk in battered mayonnaise, and continue beating until emulsified. You will get it back thanks to the presence of casein, which is a protein present in milk that acts as an emulsifier of milk fat.
  • Adding water: It is even simpler. You only have to replace the milk with water, adding between one to two tablespoons of water to the cut mayonnaise.

As we can see, recovering a cut mayonnaise is tremendously easy and simple. However, if you still have doubts, then we leave you with a very useful video by Fabián León:

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