How to raise low iron: food and tips that help

We know that the iron It is one of the fundamental mineral salts for all good functioning of the organism, especially because it plays a very important role in the formation of the hemoglobin contained in the red blood cells of the blood , and even in the formation of myoglobin of the muscles and in numerous enzymes indispensable for the correct functioning of the organism .


For these main issues, having low iron leads to the appearance of anemia (in the case of children, childhood anemia ), which in turn can lead to various health problems, such as a reduction in physical and intellectual capacity and a decrease in resistance to infections, although in the case of pregnant women there is a real risk that the baby born with lack of weight.

Precisely for these and other aspects, to know what foods help us to raise the iron and know how to upload it It can be very helpful, especially when we have low iron.

Tips to know how to raise the iron under

  • In the first place, it must be known which is the main cause that caused the descent of iron.
  • Experts focus on the diet and on the daily diet as a formula to progressively increase iron reserves.
  • Opting for example, as we will see later, for foods such as meats, legumes or bivalve molluscs can be very useful.
  • Avoid foods that impede the absorption of vitamin C (which helps -if I allow redundancy- to the absorption of iron, such as foods rich in oxalates (leafy green vegetables), fiber supplements or tannins (coffee , tea, red wine ...).

Foods to raise the iron low

Among the most useful foods are:

  • The meats : of veal, quail, turkey, foal ...
  • The vegetables : especially chickpeas, lentils or soy.
  • The bivalve molluscs : cockles, oysters, mussels, clams and chirlas, among others.
  • He dark chocolate It can help also.
  • Foods rich in vitamin C.

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