How to protect the intestinal flora

flora-intestinal The intestinal flora It is a set of bacteria that live in the intestine, which in the great majority are not harmful to the body, but quite the opposite: they can be extremely beneficial.

In this sense, one could almost understand the intestinal flora as an authentic "protective barrier" against the proliferation and implantation of pathogenic germs that can be harmful for the good health of the organism.

In addition, it is able to neutralize bacteria and viruses, while stimulating the immunity of the person at the digestive level.

For all these moments, it is extremely important protect the intestinal flora , and know how to do it. In this aspect, the daily diet that we consume every day is fundamental.

Tricks to protect the intestinal flora

There are some tricks that allow you protect the intestinal flora , to take care of it conveniently and to continue acting as a protective barrier. Take good note:

  • Take yoghurts
  • Moderates the animal protein, increasing the consumption of the vegetable, through for example the vegetables .
  • Include foods rich in fiber in your diet.
  • Avoid chronic constipation, which can alter the intestinal flora. For this, always opt for fiber-rich foods.

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