How to prevent sunstroke

Prevention of sunstroke When summer arrives, it is usual for the hottest days of the year to be present. Although it is true that since the spring tends to start to heat, it is when the summer settles when it actually presses.

On days like these, it is best to follow a light but balanced diet, rich in fresh fruits and vegetables that help us to provide our body with essential nutrients and a good dose of hydration, and also drink plenty of water.

But when it is very hot, or especially when we risk to spend many hours in the sun on a pool or beach day, it is likely that some related disorders will appear, as is the case with the insolation (also known as hyperthermia ).

Explained in a simple way, we can indicate that the insolation appears when an increase of the temperature takes place over the normal hypothalamic value produced mainly by a failure of the systems of heat evacuation of our organism . This means that it tends to appear when, when a heat stroke occurs, our body is unable to self-cool while remaining at a low temperature.

Taking into account that a sunstroke, if not remedied quickly, can lead to the death of the person suffering it, it is convenient to know how it should be prevent sunstroke .

How to prevent sunstroke?

Given that the insolation occurs when our body gets too hot, the key in its prevention is in Avoid excessive sun exposure in those days when there is a lot of heat and humidity (do not forget that humid heat is much more dangerous to our body than dry).

To do this, you should avoid sunbathing when the heat is too tight, as well as the practice of physical exercise, which especially require physical effort.

In case you go to the beach or the pool, in addition to throw you protective cream to avoid sunburn (knows more about how a safe tan ), always use a hat and an umbrella .

Drink a lot of water , so that you stay hydrated at all times. You can also be useful cold fruit juices, or infusions or iced teas.

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