How to prevent an ankle sprain

In day to day there is no doubt that the ankle sprain tends to be one of the most common and common, along with other injuries such as for example is the case wrist sprain or open doll . In the case of the first, although it is an injury that many relate to the practice of physical exercise, the truth is that it can occur in the different activities we do every day. For example, taking a bad step, slipping or poor support at the time of walking decisively influence their appearance.

A sprain is a partial structural damage to the different fibers that make up a ligament , but that does not reach its rupture. The ligaments are fibrous bands that give stability to a joint, which are composed of fibrous tissues whose main function is to unite anatomical structures.

Ankle sprain

The most common ankle sprain is one that occurs as a result of a overstretching of the ligament , which produces a slight swelling in the affected area. It is the most common, and appears as a result of having warmed and stretched badly before and after the practice of physical exercise, use inappropriate shoes or support us poorly when walking. Since it is a sprain that can be prevented, if you usually suffer from ankle sprains usually or at some point you have already suffered, it is best to know how to prevent it easily.

Tips for the prevention of ankle sprain

Warm up properly before physical exercise

Practice proper warm-up before practicing sports , or to perform physical exercise, is essential when providing the joints with the basic preparation necessary to avoid possible injuries and sprains. But not only is it necessary to heat the joints, but also to stretch them properly.

Stretches muscles and joints

The reason is obvious: before performing any type of training or activity our body must be prepared to face the physical effort properly. Of course, in case we seek to prevent the sprained ankle not only is it enough to stretch the legs, we must stretch all the muscles, and to achieve this we must do it starting from the neck and go down gradually to the feet.

to stretch

To do this, start by rotating your head to the sides, leaning back and to the front without avoiding bouncing, but with smooth and sustained movements. Follow with the shoulders, making circles in both directions. Then pass the trunk, tilting it laterally, backwards and to the front. Now we move to the hips, try to move them in circles, stretching the back in such a way that you can touch the toes with the fingers of the hands. Then, to stretch your legs, bend your knees and bring them to your chest while you are standing (you can also do it in reverse, taking the heels with your hands and bringing them closer to the gluteus).

Some useful exercises to stretch the legs

  • Keeping the back straight, try to bring the knee to the chest performing and maintaining balance of the contralateral leg. Do the same with the other leg.
  • Keeping straight, cross one leg in front of the other, flex the trunk and touch with your hands the foot that remains behind. Make several repetitions on one side, and then change and do the same with the other.
  • Sit on the floor and stretch your legs. Carefully try to touch your toes with your fingers.

Wear proper footwear

Since ankle sprains appear mostly as a result of wearing inappropriate or very high footwear (especially in the case of women), Always try to use a recommended footwear according to the size of your feet .


In this sense, it is very important to avoid larger shoes (which can make the feet dance), or even smaller because they can "catch" the foot when walking.

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