How to prepare the best cup of coffee: tips and recipe

That he coffee It is one of the most consumed beverages in the world that would practically have no place for doubts, but just after water and tea. In fact, it is estimated that every day about 66 million cups of coffee are drunk in the world, especially the Finns, who are the most consume it when they reach 12 kg. of coffee per person per year.

As you surely know, coffee is the drink that is obtained from the infusion of roasted and ground seeds of the fruits of the coffee or coffee plant (Coffea) , highly recognized and known for its different stimulating qualities, being very rich in caffeine .

How to make the best coffee

About habits and customs when making, preparing and drinking coffee there are many. There are those who enjoy consuming it alone, without adding any sweetener, and those who can not stand its bitter and strong flavor and prefer sugar to provide sweetness. In the same way, there are those who can not live without drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, although it is true that It is not good to drink coffee after waking up or drink coffee on an empty stomach , because our stomach could suffer and on the other hand the effect of caffeine would not be the same.

Of course, regardless of the personal tastes that each one has when drinking his cup of coffee, it is true that it is extremely useful to follow a series of basic tips, guidelines and tricks very suitable to be able prepare a good coffee . Do you want to discover them?

Some basic tips to keep in mind before preparing coffee

  • Always select a good coffee : although everything will depend on the personal taste of each one, it is evident that to make a good coffee it is necessary to always get quality coffee, preferably loose.
  • Always use freshly roasted beans : with the passage of time the different qualities of the coffee bean are decreasing, especially if we already buy it toasted packaging. Therefore, the best option is to always try to acquire it in a specialized store where you have your coffee before buying it. You can also buy it fresh and toast it at home.
  • Choose to buy whole coffee beans and grind them yourself : Many experts believe that industrial grinding is one of the biggest 'enemies' for both the flavor and aroma of coffee. Hence, many advise you to make a manual or electric grinder and grind yourself the coffee just when you go to prepare it.
  • Be careful with your packaging and where you keep it : it is always advisable to grind only the coffee that is going to be consumed, and store the rest in an airtight container, away from any source of heat and keeping it at a cool temperature.

Recipe to make coffee

How to prepare the best coffee step by step

1. Grind coffee beans

The grinding of coffee beans should always be done in small quantities and in the right amount to make the drink according to the cups that are going to be consumed. The reason is that since the coffee is ground it tends to lose its aroma quickly, which is why we also tend to "hurry" when it is made.

Of course, the grind should not be too thin or too thick. In the first case it would not allow the water to pass through it, and in the second it would pass so quickly that it would not be impregnated with the aroma and flavor.

2. Prepare the coffee maker

It is evident that the coffee maker must be perfectly clean and dry. Introduce purified mineral water in just the desired amount, put the freshly ground coffee and put on the fire.

3. While the coffee is made ...

You must watch that the water does not boil. In this sense, it is advised that the water temperature is always between 95 and 96º C.

4. Before serving preheat the cup

It is advised that when serving coffee in the cup it is a little hot. The reason is that if the cup is hot it will help the flavor and aroma of the coffee not to be distorted a little, which would happen if the cup is hot.

5. And at the time of taking

There are many experts who advise drinking coffee alone, without any sweetener. In this sense, some time ago we talked to you about the benefits of drinking coffee alone . However, everything will depend on the personal tastes of each one. The key is to enjoy the cup of coffee, to relax with the cup in your hand and try to capture all its aroma and flavor.

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