How to prepare and obtain aloe vera juice naturally and easily at home

He aloe or aloe vera It is a plant characteristic of the Mediterranean basin, very common in North Africa, the Middle East and also in the Canary Islands, where it is usually used for the treatment, prevention and cure of certain health problems and conditions (both internal as well as external). In fact, did you know that it has been used in natural medicine for more than 5,000 years? All thanks to its repairing, healing, healing and moisturizing qualities. Most of its benefits come from the gel that we find inside, and that can actually be obtained easily and simply.

The aloe vera plant belongs to the family of liliaceae , being usually known by the simple name of true aloe . It is characterized for being a very short stems plant, invisible, with very fleshy leaves tremendously rich in the popular aloe vera juice .

How to obtain aloe vera juice easily

Its leaves have a slightly toothed finish that n punctures, light green. They can reach a meter in height, adopting the shape of a branched bush, while during the flowering season they gather yellow and orange flowers that have the peculiarity of emerging as hanging flowers.

It is a plant that occurs very well at home, hence its medicinal and therapeutic use is quite common in many homes in our country, especially in Canarian homes, where it is common to find several aloe vera plants on patios or balconies . In fact, it usually does not need excessive care, requiring only one irrigation per week or every ten days, especially between the months of March and October, being more advised that during the months of autumn and winter be stored inside the house in order to protect it from frost.

Obtaining aloe vera juice: how to get it easily

Even if you do not believe it, the truth is that obtaining aloe vera juice is actually as simple as it is easy , since you only need a fresh leaf of the freshly cut plant and a little patience while you wait for all the gel contained in it to come out. It is more advisable to use a plant that is at least 3 years old and in good condition .

To achieve this you must tear off or cut a fresh leaf, and cut a hole in the epidermis with the help of a sharp knife, which will give you the possibility of accessing the gel in a clear and sticky color. While it is coming out, if you wish, you can pick it up with the help of a teaspoon or leave the leaf cut on a cup and wait a few minutes.

What is the use of aloe vera juice?

And how to prepare it at home?

Once you have obtained the gel in the desired amount you just have to apply it directly on the skin you are going to treat, for example to accelerate the healing process in case of minor burns or varied skin conditions, as is the case of irritations, sunburn or skin cracks. In fact, It is recommended to use the gel immediately after obtaining it , to avoid diminishing their different properties.

For the subsequent conservation of the whole leaf you can freeze it or remove the skin and reserve it in the freezer for external use as if it were a frozen gel bar. Yes, you should avoid using the skin of the aloe vera plant and use only the gel that we have obtained in the manner indicated above.

What is the use of aloe vera juice?

There are many healing benefits and therapeutic properties that Aloe Vera juice brings both internally and externally. Here we highlight its important qualities:

  • Ideal to prevent infections : containing useful components to eliminate fungi and bacteria is ideal to prevent skin infections. In fact, it acts as a vulnerary by forming a layer over wounds, preventing the passage of germs, drying out the area and reducing suppurations.
  • Useful regenerative capacity : because it is capable of increasing the blood risk, producing a greater cellular renewal.
  • Suitable for minor skin lesions : as for example it is the case of wounds, cuts and small or light burns. It is also useful in case of bruises, sores and small ulcers.
  • Relieves insect bites : it is especially useful to relieve the annoying symptoms caused by insect bites, especially in the case of mosquitoes, fleas and ticks.
  • Minor burns : especially in case of sunburn, the gel helps improve and accelerate the recovery of the skin, acting as a good regenerator and as a refresher.
  • Relieves herpes : for its qualities to avoid infection of wounds is very useful in case of herpes, helping in turn to relieve pain, itching and annoying burning.
  • For the health of the mouth : in case of gingivitis or mouth sores, using rinses of aloe vera gel diluted 50% in water helps to alleviate discomfort.


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