How to prepare an ideal homemade calendula oil for massages

Nature offers us a whole set of medicinal plants and herbs with which to prevent or treat different conditions and treatments in a totally natural way, whether in the form of infusion, cream or oils. It is the case of calendula , one of the most popular and popular plants for skin and beauty, in the same way that -for example- it is also the aloe vera juice , so popular in many homes in our country for its simple collection and its incredible properties in case of minor burns, inflammations and skin rashes, and small wounds.

The calendula It is a herbaceous plant with annual cycle, easily distinguishable in many gardens and fields because of its characteristic bright orange flowers. Precisely with these flowers it is possible to elaborate a homemade calendula oil about whose steps we will speak in this note, and which is extremely useful when it comes to enjoying its different qualities for both skin and beauty.

Calendula oil for the skin

In addition to these well-known flowers - which bloom especially from spring to the first winter frosts - it is also characterized by being a plant that can reach between 40 to 50 centimeters tall, has a few intense green leaves, and some thorny fruits with curved shape.

In case you have marigolds planted at home, their care is very simple and easy. For example, it is advisable to water regularly and eliminate the flowers that wilt, which will facilitate the appearance of the following. However, if you use them medicinally, it is quite possible that you do not have to worry about them withering because you are likely to pick them up when they bloom.

Recipe to make a calendula oil for skin and beauty

Ingredients you need:

  • Dry petals of calendula
  • Olive oil (can also serve sesame seed oil)

Necessary utensils:

  • A sterilized glass jar
  • A sealed vial

Preparation of homemade calendula oil:

First choose the best dried calendula petals (or those that you like), and place them in a glass jar that you have previously sterilized. It is important that you fill the pot, but not compress or press the flowers.

Then cover the petals of the calendula flowers with olive oil or sesame seeds, and let them marinate for 7 weeks.

After this time, filter the oil carefully, discarding the petals, and keep it in a tightly closed bottle, in a cool place protected from light.

How to make a calendula oil

What is the use of calendula oil?

East calendula oil that you have obtained in a completely natural and simple way at home is especially useful for apply it in massages on the skin , especially in case of injuries or muscle and joint pain.


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